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This archive page has been added to handle older web articles from the home page that were posted pre-Oct  2018. Enjoy

Oct 20, 2018 From the Desk of Capt Terry Champion (ret'd) Jack Johnson's Jenny

To the Alumni People of Pacific Western Airlines and Canadian Airlines International.
This authentic 1918 Curtiss JN-4D ‘Jenny’ was the oldest airworthy aircraft in Canada when it last flew in 2009. It was built by the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company in Buffalo, New York, in May 1918. During the First World War it was stationed in Waco, Texas and was used for training pilots. After the war it was owned and flown in Uruguay by a Hungarian pilot who had flown for Germany during the war. In 1929 he put the Jenny into storage at his shop in downtown Montevideo, where it sat until discovered by an American missionary in 1971 and then repatriated to the United States. Unable to complete the restoration process, he sold it in 1977 to Capt Jack Johnson (ret’d). 1977. After 21 years of painstaking work, Jack’s Jenny took to the skies again on July 16, 1998.
The aircraft shown here is 100 years old and is an original, not a replica. The owner, Capt. Jack Johnson, retired Pacific Western Airlines pilot, has graciously donated this valuable aircraft to the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton. This very welcome addition to the Museum's collection was not expected at this time so the Museum has no budget to develop the appropriate display space required. We are asking former employees of PWA and Canadian Airlines to help fund this worthy aviation history project. The museum is also seeking funding for this project and discussions are being considered for that organization to make matching funds to our contributions. Any funds left over will be used to enhance other displays in the historic Alberta Aviation Museum WW2 hangar. Please mail your cheque to the museum and designate your donation to "Jack Johnson's Jenny:" Alberta Aviation Museum 11410 - Kingsway Edmonton AB T5G 0X4 OR credit and debit cards will be accepted at (780) 451-1175. Tax receipts will be issued for the full amount. Your contributions made through the airline alumni group will be appropriately recognized and incorporated into the Jenny display.
Thank you, Capt. Terry Champion, (Retired)

Oct 9, 2018 Flight PW3801 Memorial Park Leduc
From the Desk of S. Russell. Good afternoon:
The Lions Park In Leduc was formally opened on the afternoon of October 6, 2016 and the PWA 707 memorial looked really well done.
We estimated there were approx 100 attendees and believe close to half of them were of PWA heritage. Some photos from the event have been attached. As you will see in photo 001, the Loadmasters were well represented and having our most senior LM Jim Menk with us made for a super day. Jim is an amazing 89 years young and still keeps on the go walking 5 kms per day when the weather is good. Knut was able to swing by Jim’s place in south Edmonton and bring him out to the celebration, which worked out very well for everyone.
There were more PWA folks there than we have photos of, but expect you may recognize the ones we did catch smiling for the camera.
The park and memorial looked great and “ Hats Off “ to the Lions and Leduc and the many people who assisted them, for making this a reality and by having the 707 memorial included in the park. It shows real respect for the crew and our PWA heritage, especially for younger folks who have no knowledge of PWA, the crash or the era of flying cattle, and will learn of it when touring the park in the years to come.
If you happen to be in Leduc, just south of YEG, please stop in to the Lions Park and check out the memorial. It will be worth it. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Stu

Sep 27, 2018 - The Electra L-188 in the Arctic

Photo Credit: S. Russell

Sep 25, 2018 - Leduc Memorial Park
These pictures are from the Leduc Memorial Park with a dedication to the Pacific Western B707-320C crew who perished in January 1973 on CF-PWZ.    The photos were submitted by and the credit goes to T. Dirsa (TD Coach) of Edmonton who was instrumental in putting this together.  We, the PWA Alumni sincerely appreciate installing this memorial and and thank you for the dedication to the lost crew of PW3801.
From T. Dirsa: The sign for the PWA Flight 3801 is now up. They are located about a 3 minute walk from the park's entrance. Anyone wishing to attend the park's dedication it will be on Saturday Oct 6th from 1 to 5 pm.
Also - the organizers are trying to contact Cynthia Jung, daughter of Captain Art Jung. If you have any coordinates, please email the webmaster.
This is a Google Maps link to the enrance to Leduc Lions Park. The site is below the C in Leduc on the map.

Some additional information regarding the dedication of the PWA Flight 3801 memorial.

Arrival time 1pm
Speeches 2pm
Hot Dogs will be available


Sep 22, 2018 - Leduc Memorial Park - Dedication to Crew of B707-320C:  From the desk of S. Russell
Tom Dirsa in Edmonton has been working with the City of Leduc on their plans to open a memorial park on the site of the Pacific Western 707-320C CF-PWZ that crashed at the Edmonton International Airport @ 0834Z 02Jan1973. The accident occurred while attempting to land in a severe winter storm and resulted in a loss of all crew members. It is my understanding the memorial, with the names, photos and information on the five crew members (Captain Art Jung / FO Lowell Doerksen / Flt Eng George Dormer / Loadmaster Keith McMahon / Proj Mgr Bill Vance) will be officially opened Saturday 06 October between 1300-1700.
Tom will share any additional details on the event and they will be passed on as soon as they are confirmed.
It is great that our fellow colleagues are being recognized after all this time and a tribute to the City of Leduc and YEG for their efforts in doing so.

Sep 3, 2018 - Prince Phillip's 1954 visit to British Columbia
From the desk of Neil Burton (YKA), a 1954 article about Prince Phillip, a Pacific Western Mallard and the visit to British Columbia.

August 14, 2018 - PWA Reunion Picnic 2018
From the desk of
Glynis Santee. I had a wonderful time at the PWA reunion yesterday!! Great to see everyone.

By all accounts, this memorable events was an overwhelming success. Kudo and thanks to Gale and all the organizers - volunteers who made this happen. Thanks to Neville Gosling and Gale Brisseau for the photos.

July 10, 2018 - Boeing 737 at Norman Wells.
That is K.Carson enplaning for the trip south. Photo Credit N. Dargie

July 4, 2018 Edmonton Muni Ramp Reunion.
From the desk of Dennis Erickson: History has been made at Fawn Meadows RV Resort Delburne AB. First annual Pacific Western Airlines YXD ramp reunion has been held and was very successful with many great airplane stories of properly loading an airplane on time.  In the early 70's, the airline service into Canada's north was booming. Communities such as Inuvik, Yellowknife, Norman Wells, Resolute, Cambridge Bay, Uranium City and others saw strong growth. PWA saw this opportunity and put cargo aircraft such as 732 and later 742, the 727's, Hercules and Lockheed Electra freighter aircraft. It was this ramp crew that loaded and off loaded tons of cargo, baggage and mail. In terms of tonnage, it was probably the biggest ramp operation in the system. Add into that the 20+ daily Airbus flights and regular domestic schedule, this crew was some of the hardest working guys in the system.

June 29, 2018:  Map to Hazelmere RV Reunion Picnic Site taking place August 12, 2018

June 29, 2018 - Boeing 737 - C Model Calgary
Boeing 737-275C C-GBPW parked at YYC from the Rob Rindt collection. Triple hybrid!Canadian titles, nose cone, and blue belly. America West cheatline, and PWA tail logo.

June 7, 2018 - A Poem from D. Currie (Capt Ret.)

Behind us there's two hundred faces
Beholding our jet break left
The snapping thunder of our JT 8’s
Has left the odd one, full of breath

What a buzz, 300 feet
Directly over the hotel pool
Everyone looked up, some of them waved
Perhaps someone said, `those fools'

Maybe we were a little low
Though well left of the tall TV antenna
With the plane on its side the logo would show
Advertising is always such a dilemma

The last time I flew out of here
Was ‘71, in slow old red Aeronca
Snapping out of the turn Bob and I split for Mexico
Behind us, West End, Grand Bahama

For the last two days we've been partying back there
We know lots of the people that waved
Fifteen years ago, my plane was 200 knots slower
Back then I wasn't so bold or so brave

But Bob had said, `Let’s do it!'
Which meant a steep turn as soon as we got air
Standing up in front of Captain Fransbergen
We're going to make quite a pair

Rolling right we cleared the palm trees
The wheels went in the wells
The flaps came up and so did our speed
As we roared right over Jack Tar's hotel

I'll never forget all those startled faces
As our Boeing dominated the tranquil scene
Bursting into the blue above the shoreline
Of the Caribbean, placid, emerald green

Sometimes I hate being a co-pilot
Some captains can make you feel below
But as we leave a thousand, I'm way up high
Thank you Bobby Rowe
30 April 1985

June 6, 2018 - Hercules Working in Bangladesh by J. Sproat.

June 5, 2018 - From the Herc Reunion 2004 (by S. Russell)
L-R Garry Mathewson, Cliff Beck, Knut Ohm, Bryan Benay, Ernie Yurkiw, Stu Russell, Tom Rait, Al Philpott, Harry Beck

March 26, 2018 - Edmonton Industrial (Muni) Airport YXD in June 1971.
Photo Credit Anthony Hickey, Aviation Photographer

February 11, 2018 Unveiling of first Boeing 737 with Marie Hryciw Lass January 1967.
Marie was a F/A 1961 -1967

February 11, 2018 Annual Reports
Mike Wainwright (son of staff member) advises his dad collected numerous PWA company annual reports dating back to the 50's. If anyone wants them, let me know. Mike lives in Merritt, BC.

January 28, 2018.   Pictures of a/c 740 later to be part of the West Coast Reef. Taken at YYC by Anthony Hickey - Aviation Photographer

January 28, 2018 - DC-7 Overseas Ops
Regarding the picture of a DC7 in front of a Swissair DC8 on an european airport and why it might have been there, I can contribute the following:
In July of 1964 I flew on a Pacific Western DC7c from Frankfurt to Toronto via Shannon and Gander and returned to Frankfurt in August of 1964 on a DC6B. The flights were chartered by AFS (American Field Service), an international student exchange organization headquartered in New York, to transport exchange students between the US and Europe. It was a memorable experience for me and although I did not follow an aviation career I have been a private pilot for 45 years and have owned aircraft ever since then.
M. Sutter Granbury, Texas

January 23, 2018 PWA Alumni Staff Reunion Picnic Get Together - Surrey BC.
From the Desk of Gale Brisseau.
Do We Need a PWA Reunion?  - Yes, we do!
Date: Sunday August 12, 2018
Time: 13:00 - 23:00
Place: Hazelmere RV Park
18843 8th Avenue
Surrey, BC
This will be an Alumni ReUnion Picnic Get Together and I have rented the Picnic Shelter and Group camping and picnic area for the day. If anyone wants to bring their RV, sites are available to rent, I believe the cost is $50 for the night. Arrangements to be made at 604 538 1167.
More details will be available later as to jobs for volunteers etc. We are trying to keep it simple. BYOB/pot luck and i am looking into having a food truck for people who do not want to bring food. We will need to get an idea of numbers but i am thinking If we get 100 people the cost will be $10 pp.
I took the pictures below yesterday of the venue so you can get an idea.
Watch this space for updates and further details.

January 23, 2018 - A poem from Capt Dennis Currie - retired.

745 appeared so small as we climbed the maintenance stairs up her starboard side
She seemed hardly much larger than the F 86, sitting in the old XD hanger inside
Wayne and I squeezed into the 737 cockpit, careful not to bang our heads
“I used to think it was bigger than this”, I agreed with what he said

Wayne is in the left seat, I’m in the right
Hung over from drinking Captain’s Rum with Wylee and PJ all night
Wondering if that’s why we felt so at home
Remembering launching in this rocket ship from this ancient aerodrome

Remembering all the great guys we flew with who were gone
Amazed at what we got away with for so long
Knowing if we could just start it, we could fly it all right
If only we hadn’t partied like Herc Rats at the XDI last night

Of course that’s why we came here, to relive the Herc
Hard to imagine all that fun with a C130 was our work
Or that this swept wing jet airplane was another that we flew
Honoured to be, two of the few

To have flown in the High Arctic where Franklin was lost
The historic search that continued for years, no matter the cost
We had won over the frigid weather, searching for oil
A hundred and thirty years later in relative comfort, compared to their toil

Low and over where men had watched their sailing ships crushed
In a Hercules, transversing the same frozen Northwest Passage we rushed
Drilling for black gold to quench our ship’s thirst
So detached from the brave men who staggered through first

To me we were some of the boldest men of our time
Adventurers in the High Arctic, like sailors, but flying
Perhaps it was hard to be humble when you’ve seen the world at the top
Pulled throughout the Canadian Arctic islands by those huge Hercules props

Departing 745 Wayne and I went back into the museum, which we are now a part of
No longer doing that job we most loved
Glad to be here alive to relive it again
Admittedly embarrassed at the times when we had complained

Capt. Wayne Caswell (retired)
Capt. Dennis Currie (retired)
745 C-GIPW (retired)

January 22, 2018 - YVR Reunion Event
Under the guidance of Gale Brisseau, a Summer 2018 Reunion event is being organized for a TBA location in Vancouver. Watch this space for updates.

December 27, 2017 - Boeing 737-200 Cargo Aircraft courtesy of A. Hickey.

December 6, 2017 Some of the fleet sourced by D. Dertien.

Curtiss - C46

Douglas DC-4C



December 1, 2017 - The Russ Hill Hotel - Gatwick
Greeting card from the B707, DC-7 and C-130 crew hotel at Gatwick. (by J. Kapeller)

November 18, 2017 - A 737-200 Come Home
An article from the Vancouver Sun.  Walt Lazaruk went to the CA desert and recovered the flight deck of a former PW Boeing 737, returned it to Richmond BC and built a flight simulator. He now wants to pass on his creation. (submit by J. Harrowar)
Wanted Loving Home for a Boeing 737 Cockpit and Flight Simulator

November 4, 2017 - From the Desk of Peter Lema.
Memories of the P W A Social Club in Edmonton (YXD)
Throughout the 1960's, 70's and 80's; we had a very active and involved Social Club at YXD. We had several hundred employees working for the airline; as this was the main base for Northern Operations. The Club's coffers were always in the black; all employees were automatically members.....with $1.00 deducted on every paycheck. In the early years, the Club parties (Spring Break-Up), (Fall Freeze-up) and (Christmas) parties were held at the old Airliner Hotel or at dingy Community Halls. By the 1970's, (thanks to Sales Department Ron Moore) we decided to go "first-class" and start having our parties at the "Mac" (One of Canada's great Railroad Hotels) (The MacDonald Hotel) The Main Ballroom was all decked out and the buffet featured Alberta Standing Rib Roast and all the trimmings.....  Don McKenzie and his 12-piece Brass Band provided great dance music....these were great parties; attracting 350/400 employees and spouses (all dressed to the "nines") From then on; all parties were booked at this great location. My daughters (Joanne 15) and (Kathy 13) were the "coat-check" girls one year at the Christmas Party......putting out a "cup"......they made a mint; "Let's do it again Dad" !!
Circa 1962, the Social Club came up with the idea of: "A Picnic Day in the Mountains". Our Chief Executive at that time was: Jim Robins. He gave us the use of a PWA plane for the day. CF-PWE, a 55 seat C-46 was fueled up by ESSO (for free)....Captain Dean Maclagan and F/O Mel Neidig donated their services.....along with 2 flight attendants (Names ?) The event was well promoted; but we only sold 35 seats.
$5.00 per passenger covered everything......the flight, on a beautiful sunny Sunday (June 21st); Edmonton-Jasper-Edmonton and a full KFC picnic in Jasper. Note: this aircraft was the largest ship to ever land at Jasper!!
Some hiked; others biked; others went horse-back riding....while others remained at the Jasper Swimming Pool with their 'cough-medicine". Dean and Mel put on a "high-board" diving display at the pool......which was very impressive. We departed from the Jasper Airport at sunset.....the plane at the very end of the runway......both engines at full-power.....aircraft shaking......brakes released.....and we headed down the runway......and perhaps (?) raising the landing gear to get airborne. We flew over the Columbia Icefields......headed east to Red Deer......then north to the High Level Bridge and into the Muni.......(all VFR). The flight deck door remained opened and all got to go "up-front" to witness the marvels of Aviation.
A memorable day and a memorable flight!!
Peter Lema President

October 21, 2017 - Two posters from the Vancouver Aviation Show PLUS a brass door cap and the label from a Captains Reserve exclusive Kelowna wine - contributed by J. Vanderhill

October 15, 2017:   Herc on a sand runway (from N. Peterson)

September 15, 2017 Loadmasters
In honour of the recently departed Rod Pilling, the Magnificent Seven, a group of former PWA loadmasters celebrated his life in Calgary on Aug 12, 2017. From L-R: Ernie Yurkiw, Knut Ohm, Norm Geiger, Stu Russell, Terry Martin, Glenn Peters, Wayne Carter

September 2, 2017 Boeing 727 at Edmonton Muni C-1975

August 31, 2017 From Capt. Terry Reece.
Terry made contact with the Webmaster regarding one of our senior flight crew members:  Jean Robert.
Hello: For those old timers. Jean Robert is in Assisted living in Bellingham WA @ 702 32nd Street, #208 Bellingham, WA. 98225.  Jean is battling cancer. He has lost use of his voice for the main part, but can whisper. His email is: jean80robert@gmail.com . I know he would appreciate a note.  Jean Robert is now 84. Flew Bristols on the DEW line and L382 Hercules.  He lost his eye on loan to ASA in Africa. Went to Fairbanks.  Flew round engines L382. B737 at Interior AIA. Mark Air. He was born on Great Bear Lake and raised by nuns after his mother died of TB. She was native. Best regards Captain Terry Reece ( Interior, Alaska International, Mark Air)
P. Lema advised he knew Jean Robert c1959. He flew the C46 and the DC-3. 

August 28, 2017 - B707 Cargo Ops.
It's Nov 1972 and PWA is flying beef to Europe and bringing Spanish grapes back to British Columbia.

August 20, 2017 - New Uniforms CSA 1977

August 17, 2017 Pacific Western Tours Prince Andrew.

August 16, 2017 Speedbird: PW-TZ Merge

August 15, 2017 - From the 1979 Annual Report

Aug 6, 2017 - Edmonton
From Ann Bidlock and authored by Michael Bidlock, we have this amazing video of Ann's retirement party. Definitely a good time by all. Congrats Ann. Watch it here: 
If your player does not work, try this link.

July 16, 2017 - Looking for recollections on Thomas Peter Hayes - flight crew 1950's
From the Desk of Ann Patching - Australia. She is the daughter of a pilot Thomas Peter Hayes from the 1959 era of the company and wishes to know more about his life in Canada. Email  any recollections or information you might have.
Wondering if you may be able to help me.
My father was a pilot for Pacific Western in 1959 flying a DHC-Beaver between the logging camps of British Columbia and Seattle. He would ferry the loggers from the camps for their breaks and also carried the payroll for the logging company.
He was an Australian citizen and passed away just over a year ago now. I am trying to trace his time in the US and Canada as I am coming to scatter his ashes in Canada, a place which he had wonderful memories of.
I have made numerous enquiries to different Government Departments in both Canada and the USA but it can take months and months for any information to arrive, and as yet I have no firm information to start working from.
I am not sure if he lived in Vancouver or Seattle. I do have a photo of the car he owned at the time but aren’t sure whether it’s a US or Canadian number plate.
I do have a copy of his passport and photographs which have him pictured with other twin prop Beechcraft A18A (Seaplanes) which were owned by Pacific Western.
Ultimately I would like to know who he worked for, where his work took him and where he lived, places I would like to see whilst I am there.
When I saw your site I thought that just maybe you might know how I could further investigate this lead. I do remember that he told us that he had a women give birth on one of the trips he piloted which I thought maybe someone of that vintage may have remembered.
I will attach some photos and if there is anything you may be able to do or send me in the direction of someone who may be able to help I would be so grateful.
I have made contact with an external Canadian researcher in the hope that he will be happy to work with me on issues relating to immigration etc as I don’t have the approval to do so living in Australia and because my father has not been deceased for more than 20 years, which is a Canadian Government requirement. I have heard nothing back as yet but only reached out a day or so ago, so will hopefully hear back from them this week.
Below are some photos that may or may not be of any assistance.
Anything you may be able to do to point me in the right direction or help in any way, would be so graciously appreciated. I am awaiting information from the Australia Department of Defence (where he was trained as a pilot) with his pilot’s license number. I don’t even know whether he was able to fly on that Australian license whilst in the US/Canada or whether he would have needed one issued by the Department of Civil Aviation in the US/Canada.

I also have a photo which I am getting a copy of which shows my father standing/getting into the cockpit of a DHC Beaver plane. Although there are no identification markers on the plane I thought it may jog someone’s memory. I will forward these 2 items when they arrive

Kindest regards
Annie Patching (Hayes)
Benowa QLD 4217  Australia

Beach 18A Kitimat - photo Thomas Peter Hayes

July 14, 2017 - 1960's Gatwick
1960's aircraft photos by Ken Fielding at London Gatwick. The Boeing 727-121 would later become fleet number 721 / CF-PXD.

May 30, 2017 - Yellowknife - early 70's
Sent by L. Chan and found on a YK Memories Forum. Thanks to A. Philpott for sending the names of the YZF Check-In Agents.

Morris Huculak, Don Clunnie, Dwight Denton
(thanks to all for the hints)

May 24, 2017 - The Sign from YMM
This object was found and rescued by Sonny and Deb Hauser and is in the process of being sent to the Alberta Aviation Museum.

May 19, 2017 - From Andrew Lindner - Australia.
A collection of mid-1950's pictures of the Grumman Goose and Norseman taken in the Tahsis area. Sent by Andrew Lindner from Australia (relative of pax).
Attribution of photo(s) to Brigitte Thurandt, who sent them to her brother, Hans Lindner (text of Hans Lindner hyperlinked to https://LindnerFamilyTree.com/ )
Images can be reproduced elsewhere providing attribution above is provided.

May 18, 2017 Resolute Operations c1972.
From TZ Facebook pages; credit
Karri Haybittle-Raffel

TZ Argosy (Cargo)

PW Hercules, ND B737X, TZ Argosy

WD Twin Otter, PW Electra Tanker CF-PWQ, TZ Argosy

May 4,  2017 Edmonton Sales circa 1980

B. Watson, M. Calverley, ______, ______
(Please email the last 2 names if you know them)

M. Calverley

May 3, 2017 Air Cargo Operations  1973 at YXD - with credits to S. Russell and J. Shaw

April 22, 2017 PWA York Aircraft  From the desk of John Bloxam.
I was employed as an Aircraft Electrician by PWA in YXD 1957 - 61. The photo shows Harry Hunter, John Williams, John Bloxham and Norm Lyons. The photo was most likely taken by Lloyd Erickson in 1957. Submitted by John Bloxham (Powell River, BC) and still remembering great times on York, DC4’s, DC3’s, C46’s, Ansons and many smaller A/C. Also spent time on the DEW line at Cambridge Bay and Pin 1 (Cape Parry).

April 14, 2017 Stampeder Service
From the Desk of Neil Burton. It's Dec 13, 1967, and Pacific Western met with Kamloops city officials to inaugurate a Vancouver-Kamloops-Calgary air service which came to be known as The Stampeder. One year later, the airline began service with the new Boeing 737 aircraft.


April 2, 2017 Liam Hawkins - Battling the Big Fight
Liam Hawkins worked for Pacific Western and later CDN Air. He and his Cathy took on ground handling contracts in YMM and YQU. Liam's dad was John Hawkins, Airport Manager, Transport Canada YZP and his mom Barbara worked at YZP for Transprovincial Airlines.  A super guy whom I met in YZP, he has been through an ordeal. This fight has been going on for more than a year yet Liam is holding up. We wish him all the best but a little financial help is something we all can give.

March 16, 2017 - Whitehorse Charter 1964.

Yvonne Corbiel-Capt Vern Simmonds-Ron Bell- Marie Hryciw Lass-Barbara Kolody-Joyce Melnychuk.  DC6-B originated YXD.
From the desk of Marie Lass Hryciw

March 15, 2017 - Aircraft selection sent by S Russell and D Dertien

B-707-351C CF-PWJ


DC-3 and DC-3

C-130-Echo Bay


March 14, 2017 The Website www.pwareunion.com
The webmaster put a question to the members as to whether to retain this website versus alternate online digital media. The ongoing costs for hosting and domain services average $225 per year. There was overwhelming support to ensure that this domain and the content remain active and involved with the history of our airline.  A fundraiser brought in over $500 which will keep this in business for another couple years. Thanks to the loyal and incredible Pacific Western Airlines alumni for all of your financial and moral support

February 28, 2017 - Capt. Al Smuland
Here’s a photo of Al Smuland, PWA pilot with CF-HEP.  It appears this aircraft was part of the PWA fleet from late 1956 to 1960. From the desk of Neil Burton

February 28, 2017 - Russ Baker - Frank Coulter
Attached is a photo of Russ Baker and Frank Coulter, executives of Pacific Western Airlines, taken on the south side of Vancouver’s Sea Island Airport.  Photo appeared in the Vancouver Sun in August 1955.  Photo was forwarded to me from Mrs. Smuland, widow of the late A.W. (Al) Smuland (1928 – 2005).  Al was a pilot on the PWA charter base at Fulton Field (Kamloops Airport) from 1955 to the early 1960’s. From the desk of Neil Burton

February 22, 2017 - Monarch 737-200.  Photo credit Anthony Hickey

Location: Calgary

Feb 11, 2017  Kamloops Airport Baseball c1978 (picture credit A. Snowie)

Nov 30, 2016 Boeing 767-200 A/C 672 at YYC - Photo courtesy E. Grebinski

Nov 29, 2016 Looking for Sheldon Page
Please contact this person via email regarding a non urgent matter.

Nov 12, 2016 - Pacific Western Airlines and the A320
A posting on Facebook (R. Barry) asked the question of whether PW had considered operating the A320. The picture of this model was included. A definitive answer is not known ; but..... The first A320 rolled out at Toulouse in Feb 1987. Also in the; spring 1987 Canadian Airlines began operations. In order to get a position on the assembly line, advance lead discussions had to be factored in. Dennis Merrigan would know to what extent this occurred. At the inception of the A320, Airbus made the controversial decision to go with fly by wire. CDN took delivery of their first A320 in April 1991 and it still flies with Air Canada.


Nov 10, 2016 -First woman to pilot a commercial Canadian airliner honoured in Edmonton
Rosella Bjornson paved the way for women in the aviation industry
from CBC News (click here)

Oct 22, 2016 - B737-200 Toronto C1985

Oct 7, 2016 - Boeing 767-200 On Pushback - from J. McMillan

Sep 11, 2016 - From the Desk of C. McPherson
Hi there: So glad to find the website for us GOLDIE OLDIE folks from the best airline that has ever flown! My name is Cathie McPherson and I started out in YXD IN 1968, started on the DC6, DC6B,and the Electra that had the beds In The aft plus curtains. A few DC3 flights with Sam GIROUARD. showing me that yes you could open the flightdeck windows and throw out Kleenex! Then it was going mostly into the high Arctic, with people like - Francis, Mary Ann , Annie, Marlene, Marie, Sam, Doug, Joe, Wally on the DC6, Electra, DC4 into Great Bear Lake fishing charters. Then based for 5 months of summer in YEV, on the Convair, down to YZF and back to YEV. Working 6 days a week, doing all the grooming and cleaning then being dropped off at the Inuvik bakery to prepare the trays for the next day's flights! No extra pay for all of that! No wonder the senior girls never bid to do those stints! This was while the runway was being installed for the upcoming jet service! Then it was a few years doing dawn patrol on 732, and then I decided I should go to YVR to fly overseas. These were often a 10day trip to Ireland, England, Spain, Austria and so on. Oh my and all we carried was a 21 inch samsonite suitcase with no wheels. How did we do THAT? I returned to YXD so once again to the ARCTIC, YRB, YCB, YEV doing lots of fishing and oil charters. There were mostly across the north to Alaska, Whitehorse and managed to be on the radio charter from YXD Down to Florida to watch the APOLLO 15 blast off. The crew included Ken Stevens, Gerry Melnyk, Ginger Bradley and Murray Cliff.
Then returned to YVR and flew overseas again with lot of Vegas and Reno flights. I was on the flight with ART RALPHS flying home, when he called me I to the flight deck and we watched as Mt. St Helens blew her top! Then my husband and I (don't know when I had time to find him!) decided to return to YXD where we had our second son and ONCE again it was the McKenzie and the final 727 flights with Mary Ann and Bob Crossley. Plus flying with Denis Byrne and Anne Riley that was almost the end of my career when we put ozonol on the carrot cake for Denis, knowing he hated the stuff but not aware that the aircraft groomers back in YXD rooted thru trays and ate what they could find. Oh yes, that was almost our undoing but somehow we managed to apologize and we kept our jobs! After all that decided to move back to YVR with my boys and stayed but for only 2 years/ Flew domestic and then decided Calgary would be a better fit and so I moved once more and continued on domestic until the end when Canadian began. The cultural shock was difficult, but somehow we all survived, kept working hard, kept our sense of humour and did the job we all loved..so for the last few years and a good seniority number, I did overseas with Air Canada.  I tried to keep to the sunny southern destinations.
Well, after a long and wonderful career of 40 years I decided with great sadness that I would sit for the final landing in my jump seat and reflect on what a wonderful life I had had in the only industry I could have loved so much. It was what I was so blessed to have done all those years and with all the amazing crews I flew with. What a ride it was! Just before I end this saga I have been wondering about the fact we could write a book if enough of us wrote out the stories about growing up in the aviation industry! Just before we went on the P.W.A. Strike, a group of us were ready to write a book and had a lot of letters, stories, poetry etc from retired pilots at that time and really wanted to get it going, but then Canadian was born and our lives were busier and so it never was done. When the call went out from the museum a few years ago that they wanted everything we had put away in trunks for safe keeping, I gave a lot of my stuff to them, as many of you also did. .I really feel we should write a book, get some of these amazing stories down. We have lost so many of our people now, and this would be aviation history as it was in the early days and it is totally unbelievable now. It could even be in house only.
What a challenge it would be, so anyone out there who would be interested, maybe we should have a REMEMBER WHEN REUNION to jog our memories and get some stories down.......... With that said, I made my last and best move July last year with my 2 - four legged friends and now have settled on the island in beautiful Cobble Hill, and yes I am on the approach to YYJ, so I am still with the crews on their final approach. CHEERS to all, Cathie
P.S. I DID HAVE 2 huge albums of crew pics, aircraft, and places from day one, but when the P.W.A. reunion put out the call they wanted pics albums I took mine, BUT, someone lifted them and I never did get them back which broke my heart. I am sure there are pics out there we could include? MY email address is CLICK HERE should anyone out there not think this is a terrible idea!

Sep 5, 2016 - Lizzie Eschauzier.
We have a fellow retired PWA employee now a resident scholar in Ottawa who is trying to locate Mrs. Lizzie Eschauzier. She was Ted Ranson’s Secretary at PWA (CAB Building). She has lived in Abu Dhabi, or possibly Dubai. The reason for the request for research for a project that her father is familiar with. If you are in contact with Lizzie, please email the webmaster.

Aug 25, 2016: At the Muni Boeing 727 photo credit:  C Escott

Aug  23, 2016 -DeHavilland Beaver. 
From humble beginnings, the little Canadian Airline would grow into a successful international wide body carrier.

Aug 9, 2016 -This from Ann Loney Bidlock:
When I started flying, I flew with a lot of young men. We more or less grew up together. Time passed and those young men aged and moved on. Over the last 10 years I have been flying with some of their progeny. It was fun seeing the youngsters of the aged. Of course I never viewed myself as getting older! That is, until last week. I flew with the grandson of Roy Reaville, Kris
Reaville. That sent me racing for a mirror and look at my birth certificate. Chris had a picture taken of the two of us and maybe he or Roy will have it posted. I am now cognisant that my youth may be fading and I will be able to see over the hill sooner rather than later. This is just a heads up that time is marching on and we along with it. Enjoy now!
Cheers, Ann, Miz B, hey you.
(Webmaster) We would love to have the picture of Kris and Ann taken on this epic flight but in the meantime, please enjoy 3 generations of pilots sent by Roy Reaville. Congrats Roy - we are all almost as proud as you are!

The rest of the story. Here is the picture we have been looking for - when Ann Loney Bidlock had the pleasure of flying with her new friend Kris Reaville (Roy Reaville). Time marches on but the world is in good hands.

June 14, 2016 - Hercules Reunion Pictures here

Herc Inn Resolute NWT - Camp was operated and Managed by Crown Catering - early '70's. Picture from N. Peterson.

May 26, 2016 - from N. Burton
DC-4 Charter News - R.C.A.F Base and Radar Station Closure – Tofino, B.C. “A DC 4 chartered from Pacific Western Airlines carried out the first load of equipment Wednesday. The airline estimates the plane will need to make 10 flights to Vancouver, three to Edmonton, and one to Cold Lake, Alta., to haul out the 127 tons of equipment at the base.”
Source: Kamloops Daily Sentinel – 10 January 1958


May 2, 2016 - Winter schedule 1969 - sent by J. Kapeller

April 23, 2016 - Boeing 727

April 17, 2016 - Air Canada Retro Fleet - a cool idea.


March 13, 2016 - AZ - Retiree Gathering in Surprise at the Irish Wolfhound Pub.


DC-4: Reg CF-PWD. Location appears to be YZF

Boeing 727 - CF-PXD Calgary - Photo Credit Terry Juuti


March 13, 2016 - PWA Alumni Gathering in Arizona
An outing for the PWA and airline people and spouses at 2:00 PM Sunday March 13. Look for us on the patio at the Irish Wolfhound Pub located in Surprise. 

Dec 11, 2015 - Leon Krawchuk - A Small Tribute
Leon Krawchuk started in the late 60's and retired as part of PWA’s maintenance crew. He was also a part of the flight crew on the B707 from 1968 through to the sale of the aircraft. Leon retired in the 90's and passed away in September 2004.
He started work on the Beavers in Edmonton and moved to BC to start with the 707 service in 1968. Once the 707’s were sold he finished his career as a maintenance inspector before retirement.
Attached is a photo of Leon in his flight uniform.
Kevin Krawchuk

Dec 5, 2015 - Hercules Reunion - June 10 to 12, 2016
S. Russell and K. Ohm hard at work putting together this big event scheduled for next year. If you are interested in more information or would like to attend, please refer to the Hercules pages

Dec 5, 2015 - CF-PWN in the UK
From Graham Reeve - UK
I found the Pacific Western web-site after looking up CF-PWN having recently found a picture of the aircraft at Norwich (EGSH). I thought you may be interested in the attached as it shows the crew with CF-PWN and G-ANMV a Tiger Moth, which at the time was owned by the Norfolk and Norwich Aero Club. The CFI of the club is also in the picture. Graham.

L-R: Norwich Air Auth, Joe Gegenbauer, George Chivers on wheel, John Sproat, Pat Squibb

November 16, 2015 - Inauguration of the Chieftain Airbus from Edmonton Journal - N. Burton
Pacific Western’s DC 4 – CHIEFTAIN AIRBUS – To Calgary from Edmonton Municipal Airport - inaugurated – Wednesday - 22 May 1963.
3 Flights daily, in both directions, except Saturday and Sunday.  One-way fare – $11.00.
The interior design of the aircraft was by Hopping and Kovach and featured a western motif of hand-carved Indian figures mounted to saddle-tan leather bulkheads. The cabin also featured complementary featured drapes printed from Indian design, natural oak rails on clothing racks and carpeting and seating headrests of the dominant design colours.

Sep 16, 2015 - A Nice Hangar - this has had several signs on it but this is the original.

July 29, 2015 - Flight Attendant Ad - Winnipeg Free Press - December 1979

July 24, 2015 - Keeping Posted 1970 - Submitted by B. Draper
Click here for this issue.

July 15, 2015 - Calgary Billboard


June 28, 2015 - PWA in Arizona Winter 2015 Get Together
We are gathering the names of people / couples who are interested in an afternoon get together at a place TBA this winter in the Phoenix area. Most people I have communicated with appear to be in the NW area of the valley.  If you are interested, send an email along the number of people
in your party and we will get the plan started.

June 25, 2015 - Boeing

May 21, 2014 - The Alircraft of PWA - c1975 (C. Ettinger)

May 13, 2015 - Charter Dept - from S. Barnes

May 13, 2015 - Boeing 767 from C. Ettinger

May 8, 2015 Eunice Robinson
My name is Eunice Robinson, and I started my airline career with PWA. I worked in Office Services for Doris Toy. Others that I recall are Jean Bryan, Dorothy Webb, Claudette Watson, Amy Lee, Dianne Sheehan, Kerry Bryan, Jane Corcoran, Kate Webster, Lynn Foster – and so many more.

I worked in the Word Processing department in Building 1, YVR where we spent the days typing up everything from accounting reports, invoices, statements, training materials, manuals, form letters for the Employment and Accounting departments, and mechanics work cards. Coworkers were Isla Johnson, Anne Graham, Liz Connolly, Carlie Madsen.

When PWA purchased CP Air and we became Canadian Airlines, I was still in Word Processing, then on to Office Services, and ending my career working for Corporate Real Estate at Air Canada. I retired 30 June 2012, celebrating the end of my airline history at the PWA Reunion held in Richmond.

I’ve been involved in researching my family history for many years, and one of the volunteers for the Sea Island Heritage Society – our website is www.seaislandhome.org . The aim of the Sea Island Heritage Society is to capture the stories, memories and photographs of anyone who lived or worked on Sea Island. I’d like to invite former PWA employees to share their memories and photos with us.  Thanks, Eunice

May 8, 2015 - BC Chamber of Commerce 1983 - Sent by B. Nadeau
Okay fans of the airline that really mattered, here is a photo taken when Pacific Western Airlines received its Honorary Membership to the BC Chamber of Commerce at Cranbrook on May 27, 1983. Proudly in attendance (Left to Right): Colin Lowe CSM Dawson Creek, Pat Holmberg, Barrie Holmberg CSM Port Hardy, Sharon de Sa, Pat de Sa, CSM Cranbrook, Graham Mann VP Western Region, Gerda Mann, Terry Morris (Mugsy my long lost buddy) CSM Terrace, Patty Morris, Blair Nadeau CSM Smithers......(3 piece suits may come back some day), my awesome wife Glenys. I am honoured to know every one of these fine people, all of whom formed the fabric of PWA. I've always been grateful to Pat for the invitation

May 8, 2015 Chris Ettinger
Just wanted to show all the PWA peeps out there my little collection of Pacific Western Airlines. If anyone out there has anything they want to part with so I can add to my collection please let me know. Even though I never worked for the airline it's always been a big part of my past. I'm trying to find that 1976 Canadian Aviation magazine featuring PWA. Love the website and thanks for keeping it up.  Chris Ettinger

April 15, 2015 - DC-4  CF-PWJ A/C 403.  (credit P. Gauthier)
Also used as a backup on the Airbus.

 - DCMarch 12, 2015 - Aircraft from D.D.

Feb 18, 2015 DC-7 Operations to Europe
Refuel in Iceland (R. Auzins)

Feb 10. 2015 - The first Boeing 767
Sold to Air Canada then into storage in Mojave CA 2001. Last
picture found is  from 2007

Feb 8, 2015 DC6 Operations in the Caribbean from Ron Auzins
In 1964 Pacific Western Inaugurated charter services from Vancouver to the Caribbean and principally Grand Cayman.  These pictures are from a flight to St. Maarten.  The F/A are Lori Mann and Bonnie Ronning. 

Feb 1, 2015 Boeing 737 being catered by Sky Chef YVR

Jan 30, 2015 - Air Cargo Promo
Caused some controversy. Was used briefly on a poster; some suggested it was HercOps
 (submitted by J. Auchie)


Dec 5, 2014 - Vancouver Hangar with Boeing 727

Oct 19, 2014 -PWA Hercules used to film Peugot commercial at Banff Springs
Click here
to watch. Stu Russell sent pictures and notes of this L-100 now operating with First Air.
My colleagues from the Pacific Western Hercules Operation alumni advised that  the Lockheed Hercules used in this commercial was First Air’s Yellowknife based L100-30 C-GHPW. I flew many trips on it after PWA bought it new from the factory in Marietta Georgia in December 1978. Amazing it is still in service running back and forth to the NWT diamond mines after all these years. All the best. Stu.

Oct 15, 2014 - Acquisition of Canadian Pacific Air Lines

Oct 10, 2014 - Convair Advertisement - thanks D.D.

Sep 2, 2014 Canadian North - Dale Hyrve donate missing B737 parts to Air Museum
The Alberta  Aviation Museum has been spared very expensive replacement costs of stolen plane parts thanks to a donation from Canadian North airlines After a break-in over the weekend at Villeneuve Airport where the museum8217s Boeing 737 was on display thieves made away with an emergency hatch along with structural support and electrical parts of the plane (See the full text

Aug 28, 2014 - Alberta Air Museum - News Release

The details of the break-in we can release have been in the media so not a lot more I can add while the investigation is ongoing.
I do need to say that our PWA 737 Team here, all ex-airline and the majority with a PWA connection, have done and are doing a fantastic job.
The break in was Sunday and the on site investigation carried through to Monday, Tuesday the 737 team was in the aircraft and able to provide me with a detailed loss/damage assessment.
The big issues right now are the emergency door and upgrading security further. Both are well underway. Security was already substantial on the airport site of the 737 as the aircraft was being checked several times a week by museum staff and with the assistance of the people in the Tower, Airport staff and our neighbors on and around the airport she was under a fairly heavy watch. The 737 also sits in a high visibility/high traffic area approximately one hundred and fifty meters behind the airport fence at the Villeneuve airport.
Even so things have being upgraded as we speak with additional patrol and other measures to overcome this set back; with more on the way.
The longer term goal is for #745 to become one of the focal points of the museum's new/second location at Villeneuve in the, hopefully, not too distant future.
We hope to not just maintain and preserve her but to also get her back to work as we did at the Kingsway location.
Tours, Education programming, events and we hope to expand into new areas such as "an introduction to airline travel" for parents and young children to be introduced to airline travel before their first flight.
The Villieneuve site has been delayed as negotiations, planning problems and funding time lines have held us up...but we see the light at the end of the tunnel on those fronts and are planning to go full throttle in the the near future.

August 27. 2014 A/C 745 Vandalism / Theft

CBC News Edmonton has reported that our B737 was broken into during the past weekend.  You can read the entire report below.  We are asking questions regarding the extent of damage, costs and if insurance will cover this.  Read the full story..

Someone broke into this PWA Boeing 737 over the weekend, stealing a number of parts from the vintage plane, including its emergency door. (Alberta Aviation Museum Association)

Aug 27, 2014  - Boeing 737-200 Fleet Number 749
These pictures were submitted by B. Nadeau taken at YVR Airport South and on delivery from Boeing 1979

August 18, 2014 - From Newsletter Editor - Alberta Aviation Museum

Received this message from Neal Taylor. I think Al Lema or Nick DeHoog will have a wealth of knowledge.  If you or anyone can share some info and fill in the blanks about YMM, please email Neil Taylor
Hi -  I am working on an article about the history of aviation in the Fort McMurray area and I was wondering if you might have any information on PWA’s involvement with the region in its early years.  Is there any way you can help me out? 
Neil Taylor

July 18, 2014 Malaysia 17
Our thoughts and prayers are with the crew and passengers on MH17.  To the family and friends of the people who were on this flight,  our heartfelt condolences.

June 23, 2014 - Interested in Modelling as a Hobby
An avid modeller in Edmonton has worked with a model decal company to create a perfect model of the B737 - C-GIPW a/c 745 that is part of the Edmonton Air Museum.  Here is how to get a set of decals for yourself.

June 2, 2014
New pictures of a/c 740 on its final journey.

May 27, 2014
A/C 745 now parked at Villeneuve Airport NW of Edmonton is settling down into a not so firm ramp surface and needs to be moved.  The Alberta Aviation Museum and former PWA people in Edmonton are ensuring our B737 gets proper care. It may be taxied or towed to a new location.

May 5, 2014 1956 – Air-Bus Operation -DC 3

Pacific Western Airlines inaugurated its new Patricia Bay Airport (Victoria, B.C.) – Nanaimo (Cassidy Airport) – Vancouver non-reservation Air-Bus operation at 11 a.m. – 14 January 1956. Crew of the inaugural flight were Captain Jack Miles, first officer Art Ralphs, chief stewardess Tiny Bacon of Victoria, and stewardess Eleanor Coward of Sidney, B.C. This operation would be Patricia Bay’s 2nd mainland link. Equipment on the run was a DC 3 aircraft.

Chief stewardess Tiny Bacon held a private pilot’s license for over 7 years.  Also on the inaugural flight were PWA traffic manager J.B. “Mickey” McGuire and public relations officer Al Williamson.

PWA’s Victoria ticketing was handled by George Paulin Ltd (customs brokerage office) on Government Street, while passengers were transported to the airport by C & C Taxi. At Vancouver, ticketing could be done at the airport or at PWA’s downtown ticket office at 1148 West Georgia Street. Fares, on the 3 Round Trip Daily service, were Vancouver-Nanaimo $2.30 one-way ($4.60 return) or Nanaimo-Victoria $2.30 one-way ($4.60 return).

This operation between Victoria and Nanaimo was shut down on 07 June followed by the cancellation of the Nanaimo-Vancouver service in early July 1956, due to lack of passengers.

(All information is from the Victoria Daily Colonist and N. Burton - Thx)

April 16, 2014 - Douglas DC-7 to Frankfurt
Hello!   My name is Mike. Im writing in the hope that I might find some help with regard to a DC-7 flight in 1965. My first flight on an airplane was in August 1965 Im told, at age one. It was on a Pacific Western DC-7c from YXD to Frankfurt Germany, via Keflavik, Iceland.
I've been trying for some time to determine the registration of the aircraft on that flight, as I was hoping to have a model built for sentimental reasons. My parents unfortunately don't have any pictures, but I have an interesting story that I hope might help in finding out.
While I don't have an exact date in August 1965, my parents tell me that the aircraft was a DC-7. The first leg was from YXD to Keflavik. On landing in Keflavik, the airplane apparently had an incident.  Damage was minimal, and after a 16 hour maintenance delay, the airplane was test flown and we continued on our next leg to Frankfurt.
Several years later, i was on a trip with my family to Hawaii ( age 13 / 1977 ), we were flying on a PWA 707. The pilots kindly opened the flight deck for visits enroute and I was able to have a look up front. I mentioned to the pilots, the story about my first flight, and the runway excursion on the DC-7. The captain said, "Oh, I remember that, it was me flying!"
I have submitted a picture I took of this Captain on the 707 flight deck. I'm wondering if you, or anyone might recognize this person, or have any contact information that might be helpful. I know its been a long time and perhaps the Captain is no longer with us, but if anyone knows this story or has any connection to a log book or persons involved, I would sincerely appreciate
any help you or others may be able to offer in finding the registration of
this aircraft from my first flight.

Sincere thanks - MH - from Calgary, AB

It appears there were only 2 DC-7C's and that narrows the registrations to CF-NAI or CF-PWM. We have a name from for the B707 crew member as Captain Reg Scott.  If you have further details on Captain Scott or this Transatlantic service, please pass them on to the webmaster

April 8, 2014 - Capt Harry Bray
Capt Harry Bray - a very accomplished aviator who started Kamloops Air Service (later bought by PWA) has an unfinished story. In January of 1947 he flew a rented Tiger Moth on skis onto a snow covered Azure Lake, north of Clearwater B.C..  His mission - to rescue a sick trapper - Henry Hogue. The aircraft broke through the ice, could not be raised and ultimately sank to the bottom. The remains of the machine were never found by the time Harry died but that has changed. A few years ago a group of fellows found the plane but they are running into so much red tape (lake is in Wells Grey Provincial Park) that the little aircraft may never again see the light of day although it apparently is in good shape. The lake is cold and of course fresh water.  Updates to come (A. Giolma)

April 1, 2014 - CP Air in YKA
Its a snowy day in 1969 and this route then belonged to CP Air.  A nice picture for this special Day.  Submitted by A Giolma.

March 18, 2014 - B737-200 1/72 model decals

Richard Albert, a model aircraft builder in Edmonton asked for assistance with decals and PMT graphics to make decals for a model B737 aircraft in 1/72 scale. It would be identical to A/C745 parked at Villeneuve. A 1/72 scale B737 is about 6 inches high at the tail.  If you are a model aircraft enthusiast or can assist, email Richard

March 15, 2014 - Aircraft

 (Thanks DD)

March 11, 2014 - Web Outage
We have had some measure of return to normal functionality of our web services.  Last week, the Hosting Service located in Houston updated their Unix Servers with the latest version of Apache Web Server Software.  In the process it knocked out a series of functional components of the pages including menu, page counters, shared borders and dynamic web templates.  If you notice any disconnected pages or graphics, please email the webmaster.

Feb 14, 2014 - Captain Harry Bray, F/O Val Hennell & TBA FA - DC3  Campbell River (Circa 1960)

Jan 29, 2014 Stampeder Uniform
This photo is from the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa.  it might be a Studio shot of the then "Proposed Uniform"   The person may be a model but perhaps not. if anyone can identify her, please email the webmaster.

We have answers to the identity of the F/A and it is D. Rubin - thanks to R. Whitehouse and J. Keefe

Jan 29, 2013 - 100 Year Anniversary of the Airline Industry
From the first flight in 1914, of a single passenger in a float plane across Tampa Bay, this interactive show tells us all about it and where the industry is going.
The Guardian
100 Years of Aviation

Dec 29, 2013 - William Lopaschuk

Should you be interested in the flying career of a former CBCA, PWA, TPA pilot, you might read “They call me Lopey – A Saga of Wilderness Flying, by William Lopaschuk”. It was first printed in 2009 and reached it’s third printing in May 2013. www.creekstonepress.com  It retails at $19.95, but could possibly be found through inter-library loan through your local library.
Neil Burton

Dec 12, 2013 - The last flight of A/C 745
Much has happened in the past few months - get updated here. A video of 745 landing at Villeneuve Airport

Curtiss C-46 sent by AJH "Joe" Collinson

Oct 24, 2013 Info on the Bellanca Senior Skyrocket
Greetings  - We need your reader's assistance relative to an article I am researching for the Museum’s newsletter.  I am interested in an airplane that was manufactured by Northwest Industries in Edmonton between 1945 and 1949. The plane in question is the Bellanca Senior Skyrocket. Only 20 of these airplanes were ever built – 7 by the parent company in the U.S. and 13 by Northwest Industries under licence.
For the article, I am trying to identify the 13 planes that were produced and what happened to them. I recently came across some information on the internet that showed two Senior Skyrockets flying for PWA circa 1950. The two planes were CF-EQQ and CF-EQR. The internet information noted these planes were Model 31-55B’s while Northwest Industries aircraft were commonly designated Model 31-55A’s (I’m not sure why the discrepancy exists).
I was wondering if any of your members might be able to tell me more about CF-EQQ and CF-EQR – their origins, their use by PWA and their ultimate fate. If your members know about any other Senior Skyrockets and what happened to them that would also be of interest (for example, CF-DCE flew for Superior Airways of Ft. William, Ontario and CF-DCH is on display at the Reynolds Alberta Museum – I believe it is the last example still in existence).
Again, any help you or your members could provide would be greatly appreciated. Any responses can be directed to my
Thanks and best wishes,
Neil Taylor
Newsletter Editor
Alberta Aviation Museum

Click this link and another link to find both of these  aircraft

Update - CF-EQR was originally purchased by Associated Airways in 1949 and then became part of PWA in 1957 when PWA took over Associated. PWA then sold it to Basco Aircraft Supplies of Edmonton in 1959 and it was crashed in 1961 by an individual leasing it from Basco.

CF-EQQ also came from Associated Airways to PWA then was sold to the Clark family in Meadow Lake, Sask. in 1958.

Oct 4, 2013 - AC 745
We have been in contact with Capt Terry Champion (ret) - Edmonton Aviation Museum
The changes at the Edmonton Muni downtown airport may necessitate that our B737 be flown to Villeneuve in November this year.  The aircraft is in near flying condition and work is being advanced by members and Canadian North.  Keep posted for new developments.

To All Former PWA Employees and Families

As you may have heard, the City intends to close the last runway November 30th and immediately tear up the runways, taxiways, etc. And the City refuses to let us expand our boundaries as we thought they would. As a result, there is insufficient room for the Museum to keep the PWA 737, so it is important to fly it out sometime in November. At the moment it looks like, with considerable assistance from Canadian North, the aircraft will be flown to Villeneuve Additionally, restrictions to our operations, imposed
by the City, could see the Restoration Dept., the Cadets, and most of the other organizations in the hangar forced out, making it very difficult for the Museum to operate in a solvent manner.
It is time to let the public know what effect the Cities actions will have on us, so a public awareness event is planned for Saturday, October 12th from 11:00 to 2:00 PM. There will be a fly-in of light aircraft and the 737 will be opened to the public. This will be the last time the public will have access to #745 for a long time, perhaps forever. So all members of the PWA family are invited to join us next Saturday. Group photos will be taken from about 2:00 to 2:30 (bring your cameras!) Lets have a good turnout and let the City know what we think of their plans. If you wore a uniform, and it still fits, please wear it. If you are not a Museum member, admission is free for this event, but please bring some I.D. or something to identify yourselves at the admission desk. Pass the word around to those who do not have e-mail.
See you on the 12th!
Terry Champion (Capt Retired)

Sep 20, 2013 PM Honours Pilot Heroics
Our Capt G. Moul was recognized for his role in the flight to freedom in Uganda in 1972.  Amazing story and thanks C N R Beck. Read the article here.

Sep 4, 2013 - Russ Baker Book
Found this picture in a book "Bush Flying to Blind Flying"  British Columbia's Aviation Pioneers 1930-1940 - written by Peter
Corley-Smith. Picture was on page 164 with the caption of:  "Russ Baker with one of the aircraft, a Junkers W-34, of his recently formed Central B.C. Airways, circa 1947. - Dennis Kennedy

Aug 12, 2013 Don Watson Tribute
A video tribute to Don Watson.

July 22, 2013 - AC752 Retires from Canadian North
Pacific Western began B737 combi operations with AC732, followed by AC742 then AC752 and so on.  That sequence was altered with AC783 then  AC784 which came from Dome Petroleum.  
We received news that AC752 retired from service at Canadian North. 
Quote - Last flight in commercial operations 14 July 2013 for 752 (flight 445 YZF – YEG)  B737-275C - S/N 21294 - Line 481 delivered new to PWA Dec 1976.   81,196.1 hours and 77,008 cycles.   Probably one more flight to YRQ where it will be parted out.

July 21, 2013
Flight Global did a large section of reference material on Pacific Western Airlines.  Their link is below.  Numerous references are made to our website.


May 31, 2013 New Aircraft Photos uploaded here  - thanks to our contributors

March 22, 2013 Air Transport News Awards
Regional Aircraft Manufacturer of the Year: Bombardier
Aircraft Manufacturer of the Year: Airbus
Engine Manufacturer of the Year: Rolls-Royce
Ground Handler of the Year: Çelebi Holding
IT Company of the Year: SITA
MRO Company of the Year: Lufthansa Technik
Airline Alliance of the Year: Star Alliance
Airport of the Year under 10 Million Passengers: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Airport of the Year 10-30 Million Passengers: Genève Aéroport
Airport of the Year: Istanbul Ataturk Airport
Cargo Airline of the Year: FedEx
Regional Airline of the Year: SilkAir
Low Cost Airline of the Year: AirAsia
Airline of the Year: Turkish Airlines
George Iatrou Lifetime Achievement Award: Professor Tae Oum, President, ATRS
Woman of the Year: Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI
Leader of the Year: Raymond Benjamin, Secretary General, ICAO

March 22, 2013  - Stampeder Uniform
This month, the Aviation Museums in both Ottawa and Edmonton, went on a search for missing components of their display 1970's era Stampeders Flight Attendant Uniform.  We are pleased to say all of the items have been located but with the help of Terry Champion, A Bidlock, M Garbencius, G Bradley, E Potts and R. Bertram.  Thanks to all. 

March 17, 2013  NEEDED: White cowboy boots from a Stampeder uniform.
About 1971 the Company issued Stampeder uniforms to some or all of the Edmonton based stews (as we used to call them). The outfit consisted of a blue cowboy hat, white blouse, blue jacket, very short white skirt, red bloomers, and white cowboy boots. The outfit was discontinued fairly soon, apparently due to the way it attracted unwanted advances from male passengers whose inhibitions had been suppressed by consuming too many beverages. The “girls” didn’t like the attempts to pull down their bloomers. I heard that at least one passenger received a knuckle sandwich in return.

The Alberta Aviation Museum, in the big white hangar on Kingsway at XD, the downtown airport, has a lot of PWA in its collection and displays, including the 737 #745. Mary Ann Garbencius has donated her Stampeder uniform for an upcoming display with the theme “Women in Aviation.” She had retained everything except the boots and has contacted many F/As hoping to find some boots, but to no avail so far. If you still have the booklet issued after the wonderful 2002 reunion in Calgary you will see on page 9 a “stew” wearing her outfit. Can anyone tell me who she is? Can anyone help us find some boots? The Museum is very interesting and has input from many PWA volunteers. The Curator is interested in PWA and would like to add to our PWA archives. Please
contact me if you have an item(s) you would like to donate and I will discuss it with the Curator. You would really enjoy a visit, but if you are coming within the next couple of weeks snowshoes are recommended.
Capt Terry Champion Retired

March 7 - From the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum

As assistant curator at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, I am responsible for the Museum's collection of airline uniforms, which includes many from PWA.  I am working on an article about PWA's late 1960s flight attendants' uniforms, particularly those worn on the Stampeder service, and am interested in speaking with people who worked for PWA in the late 1960s and early 1970s.   If you would like to share your memories of the late 1960s uniforms, and of the Stampeder service in general, please contact me 
If you have uniforms you would like to donate, please send a note and description and I will see if it fits in with our programme.
Best regards,   Molly McCullough
Assistant Curator - Transport, Aviation
Conservatrice adjointe - Transports, aviation
Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Musée de l'aviation et l'espace du Canada

March 7 - From the Alberta Aviation Museum Edmonton (Article on the A/C 745 Story)
Here’s the final version (PDF) of the In Formation newsletter for March/April 2013 that has the article on the Alberta Aviation Museum’s 737, C-GIPW. Thanks again to you and your members for some of the photos and background information on this aircraft.
Neil Taylor Newsletter Editor,  Alberta Aviation Museum

Feb 22, 2013 from L. Hrelia (Stronach)
Hi. I was browsing the internet and found this wonderful Pacific Western Airlines website. My dad, David Stronach, was a HERC pilot for PWA for many years. Unfortunately he passed away in a plane crash on November 21, 1976 in Africa (Lumbumbashi). I have attached three photos of my dad (2 of the photos are when he was a pilot with BC Airlines). If anyone has any stories about my dad, I would appreciate you e-mailing me. He was a wonderful man! Thank you.   Linda (Stronach) Hrelia (email)

Feb 8, 2013 - Alberta Aviation Museum
While not a PWA alumnus, I am interested in the history of one of the 737-275’s that flew for PWA and later Air Canada – C-GIPW. I am the newsletter editor for the Alberta Aviation Museum, the current home of C-GIPW, and I am working on an article about this airplane for inclusion in our newsletter.
I’m hoping that some of your readers might be able to provide me with background, stories or photos about C-GIPW, such as where it flew and when, and whether there were any notable incidents involving this aircraft. Personnel crew experiences would be great.
I do know that C-GIPW was built in 1979, its serial no. is 21712 and that its Certificate of Airworthiness was dated March 1, 1979. It later flew in service for Air Canada upon PWA’s amalgamation with that carrier. On June 17, 2005 it was delivered to the Alberta Aviation Museum.
Any information or anecdotes that your readers could pass along for possible inclusion in the article would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from them.
Neil Taylor
Newsletter Editor
Alberta Aviation Museum

Any info you may have, please pass it along.  Some topics might be - what paint scheme was 745 delivered in and did it ever carry its current livery.  How may more B737 did PWA take delivery of after 745.  Was there anything special with the engine specifications -  EOW or GTOW that made it different or anything in particular you may recall.  Please email Neil here Thanks from the Webmaster.

Just to let you know of a PWA project which has started. Colm Egan and myself, Gordon Wilson, are writing a book called THE ARCTIC HERC RATS, PACIFIC WESTERN AIRLINES, THE WORLD WAS THEIR LANDING STRIP to be published in 2014 by Amberley Publishing of Stroud, England. We are both former PWA employees and want to preserve this part of Canadian aviation history. We will be seeking information on the Hercules operation shortly when we establish a communication website.   Read the
prologue here.  Regards, Gordon

Update on Quicket - we have the original document promo for this product.  Read the story in Traces.  

Nov 2012 - Lifetime Achievement Award for Alumni
Read the article here.  Congratulations Lynne.

Oct 2012 - Keeping Posted from January 1970
I am attaching 3 photo's of the crew from a scan from Pacific Western Airlines Keeping Posted 1970 January Edition and the AMA round the world Charter.  Isle passed away in Edmonton this month - Garth Caron.

The Crew:
Captain Art Bell
First Officer Alex McTavish
Engineer Moe Sangster
Navigator Cliff Beck
Purser Gil Tsui
Purser Ole Damsgaard
FIt. Attendants:
Isle Buffi
Corry Van Vliet
Dianne Paradee
Keeping Posted (PDF - 2MB) Article

Oct 11, 2012 - From Kory Down
Hi, my name is Kory Down – I worked as Jack Moul’s secretary in Contract and Charter for 4 years 1968 – 1972. I actually started with the Law Department – I believe his name was Wilson. But your picture of Val Hennell reminded me that he and Brian Bourne were lost in a DC-3 south of Port Hardy.  There were others lost – Edmonton and Africa – all working charter flights. And all very nice men.   I also worked with Rhys Eyton who later took over managing the airline. And I remember Don Watson and his daughter Sharon. Too many wonderful memories. Probably long before your time, but all part of a wonderful history that I am proud to have been part of. Kory

Oct 11, 2012 - From Germany
Hi there - I was a Flight Attendant based in YXD over period from 1969 to 1975.  People would know me as Paquita Lamacraft (Kellaway) and I am currently a Senior Business Consultant at Hewlett Packard, Germany.   Great site…lots of memories. I would like to reconnnect with some of my former colleagues.  I include some pics of my new travelling companion Balu the 4 month old Chow Chow in front of a Porsche from the Porsche Museum (he had just been greeted Dr Wolfgang Porsche himself). This was just taken on my birthday last week in Zell am See in Austria. The other was taken in Dresden last year. Please let me know if there is another reunion.
Cheers  Paquita Lamacraft


Sep 13, 2012 - Peter Lougheed
With the passing of the RH Peter Lougheed, we the alumni of Pacific Western Airlines  must pause to reflect on Mr Lougheed and the Alberta Government and their role in our history.  I remember it well. One concern was how involved they would be in the management of the business, but they stayed at arms length and we moved forward with the growth that the '70's brought.  Mr Lougheed and the cabinet ministers travelled frequently on the Airbus.  Some requested forward seats to assist them with their schedules.  At the time we operated over 14 B737 in each direction between Calgary and Edmonton.  The cost savings to the government coffers for using commercial carrier service over their private charters must have been significant.  PWA was endowed with many acronyms some nicer that others but the best one was - Peter's White Airplanes.   I think many of us thought of Mr. Lougheed as a staff member and should truly be remembered as one of us.  Thank you Peter Lougheed!
Here is a biography from
CTV News

July 1, 2012 From B. Nadeau with D. Watson
I attended the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame induction Dinner in Montreal last week. During the evening I had the occasion to chat and have a photo with Don and Gisella Watson. During the event, Don was named Chairman Emeritus of the Hall of Fame. Great,memorable evening.  Sadly Mr. Watson passed in June 2013

May 2, 2012 - From SEA Operations
I am a former airline employee (Braniff). I was transferred to Seattle in 1973, to handle Pacific Western Airlines Flights at SEA. You folks were a great airline! Best people in the industry I ever met. I left Braniff, after being "bit by the flying bug". Went back to University and US Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). The USAF began a massive drawdown after the Vietnam war, and I was told "no active duty, no flight training! and I was told, after making some announcements on a PA system, I had what it took to become a newscaster. I have been in the business in the US ever since. Have also logged a lot of flight time in everything from Pipers/Cessna's and F16s etc: Retired from US Air Force Auxiliary as officer/public affairs.
Have a great day   Dennis Crowley
Dennis worked with Lew Stannard CSM SEA where he handled flights of Convairs, Electra, and once in a while a B737 or B707

The DC7 -  International Operations - Joe Kapeller.
In response to the DC7B Video submitted by Cliff Beck, I would like to add a little history for the web pages.
PWA started overseas operations in 1964 with DC6B’s and DC7’s. This endeavour was lead by Captain Henry Schindler. Later that year, management, when considering how best to retain their market share, decided to obtain 2 DC7C’s for the 1965 program.
PWA operated the 2 DC7C’s on overseas charter flights from 1965 to 1968
** CF-PWM, EX KLM (Designated Seven Seas**)  -
** Capacity
** 102 PAX + 4 F/A's, and up to 5 cockpit crew.
** MTOW 143.000 lbs
** MAX FUEL 45,770 lbs.
** Max Landing Weight 110,000 lbs.

** this aircraft was an improved long-range variant with a non-stop transatlantic capability, improved 3400hp (2540kW) R-3350 engines and increased fuel capacity mainly in longer wings, 121 built. - from Wikipedia

March 12, 2012 - Stu Russell sends us
The last commercial flight of the Hercules.

March 12, 2012 - 1963 and 1970 Executive Org Chart (from J. Kapeller)

March 12, 2012
Here is a check ride on a DC-7 - very interesting (from C. Beck). 
 The Good Ol' Days ...  http://marcbrecy.perso.neuf.fr/DC7.html

Feb 18, 2012 Some New Aircraft

 (from DD - thx)


Dec 2011 - A letter from one of the PW Pioneers.
My name is Ron Hilde. I was hired by Frank Coulter in 1962 as a VFR Sales Rep for PWA. The employment was Agent Representative and dispatcher office person for the Floatplane operations at Prince George under Jack Moul. This was extended to include the Prince George Hudson Hope Operations with an office at the YXS Airport. An other duties at that time include a three week stint as flight steward because no stewardess was available for three weeks. Two of the DC 3 Pilots were Art Ralphs and Hal Emerson. I would act as agent in Prince George then fly as Steward to Hudson Hope and the act as agent in Hudson Hope until the return flight later in the Day. All flights out of Prince George were coordinated to connect with CPA's  flights in and out of Prince George. This lasted until the C46 was brought into operations. The C46 would fly YVR YXS and take on passengers from PG. I was still VFR Representative for the float plane base as well. I have Photos and Videos of all our operations in Prince George and Hudson Hope. Do l qualify as Alumni??. In my collection of Photos I have a black Beech D 17 on the then docks in Prince George. The time frame for Bakers Beechcraft dose fit. My brother Bill worked as an aircraft engineer for PWA as engineer on float planes and then worked for CPA on their DC 3's that were based in PG in late 60's .I am presently retired and research aviation history for PG and the interior as a hobby. 

Feb 2011 - We are found in strange places. A strip by Vic Lee - 2012 Pardon My Planet carried this cartoon recently.

Thanks to J Harrowar

Oct 31, 2011 - A Rare Find
The webmaster was contacted by a gentleman named E. Derek Styles who sent a photo (below) of a rare aircraft.  The picture was taken in 1954 at Lakelse, BC (near Terrace).  Through a client G. Robinson - Managing Partner Aviation at Jones Brown Inc,  we now have the exact aircraft details:
Airframe Family: Beech 17 Staggerwing / C-43/GB Traveler
Latest Model: Beechcraft SD17S Staggerwing
Construction Number: 3186
Last Civil Registration:  CF-HSK
Latest Owner or Location:  David Harrington, Salmon Arm, BC

This type of aircraft was used to start Central BC Airways in 1946.  We do not know if this is that aircraft.
Also thanks to Capt. B. Thornton (retired), D. Kennedy and S. Russell for correctly identifying the airplane.

Oct 9, 2011
We had an inquiry from the
Canada Aviation and Space Museum / Musée de l'aviation et l'espace du Canada in Ottawa regard items that were part of the FA Stampeder Uniform.  Through the assistance of T. Champion and A. Bidlock we were able to confirm 1 of the 2 items.  The museum advised they do collect airline uniforms but under these terms:

"We certainly might be interested. I would have to handle any potential donation on a case-by- case basis.  For each potential donation we look at, among other things, the history of that object, its condition, and whether or not we already have it represented in the Museum's collection. Please encourage anyone who is interested in donating to the Museum to contact me.

You can email M. McCullough is you wish to make a donation.

Oct 6, 2011

Some great videos from the past - thanks to Heather and Corey

Industry Updates  -  Aug - Sep - Oct 2011

Air Canada announces a checked Baggage Fee on US Transborder flights
Boeing 787 receives permission to fly.

Passenger deplaned for baggy pants
Singapore Airlines new First Class
Westjet codes Shares with Emirates
ANA takes delivery of B787

Oct 2, 2011 - Our speedy B707 - PWV at Gatwick and a C640 in Edmonton and B727 in Vancouver
thanks DD

Sep 18, 2011: From humble beginnings to an International Air Carrier.

July 15, 2011

New Aircraft from the collection of D Dertien

May 30 , 2011
Many moons ago. As an employee of DIAMANG (Companhia de Diamantes de Angola) I had the opportunity of working (I was the chief tower operator) and even flying with PWA's crews in and out of DUNDO, Angola to places like Malawi, Cameroons, Ivory Coast and Lisbon. I will always keep very found memories of your crews and the wonderful work they have done during a time when the risks were almost immeasurable  and the improvisations were many and always difficult. If any of the old guys still remembers me I am sending my salute to all.
Louis Mendes-Fernandes (email)

Apr 4, 2011 - Nostalgia

The two flight attendants in this CV-640 flight crew picture taken in Campbell River have been identified as Marilyn Moore (left) and Jean Ringham (right), Carl Fowler {Station Manager} and Captain Val Hennell and F/O Frank Lote... We may find the name of the elderly fellow in an article someday. Thanks to F Lote and and D Dertien

Herc Reunion 2011 - A Great Success

Sep 24, 2010
An interesting link about one of our B727's - C-FPXD.  Who owned it and who owns it now.

Aircraft History
N1727T Trans International Airlines  1968-04-16   
N1727T Braniff  1972-10-22  Leased 
C-FPXD Pacific Western Airlines  1974-02-07   
C-FPXD Panarctic Oil  1976-02  Leased 
C-FPXD Echo Bay Mines  1984-08-19   
C-FPXD Royal Aviation  1999-04-01  Leased 
C-FPXD Corporation Air  199-00-09   
C-FPXD First Air  2004-02-02   
S9-PST Transafrik International  2006-04-01   

Sep 24, 2010
The fleet registration.  Also available in Aircraft for download.  With thanks to the authors

Sep 13, 2010  - Maybe they need experienced airline people also?
LONDON - Boeing 747 jumbo jets are being brought out of desert storage as surging bookings spur carriers including British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways and United Airlines, to return their biggest planes to active duty. British Airways will restore a second 747-400 to its winter timetable in October after recalling one in May for use on its London-New York route.  United brought a jumbo out of storage in California in June for deployment to Asia, London and Frankfurt. And Cathay Pacific has reinstated five freighters.  Wide-body planes accounted for about 25 percent of the 200 aircraft retrieved from storage in May and June as carriers sought to tap rising demand for long-haul trips and a leap in cargo shipments.
The number of 747s recalled in June exceeded those mothballed for the first time since January 2009, data compiled by aviation consultant Ascend Worldwide Ltd. shows.  "Everybody is getting very excited about passenger and cargo volumes coming back, but there's a great temptation to add too much capacity," said Chris Tarry, an independent airline analyst and strategy consultant in London who has followed the industry for almost three decades. "What may be rational fleet decisions for individual airlines can add up to a problem for the industry when taken together."
London-based British Airways and Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific have both idled planes near Victorville on the southern edge of the  Mojave Desert in California. Arid locations are favoured for storage because the hot, dry conditions hamper corrosion. Of the 112 jumbos mothballed since the start of last year, 40 have yet to be recalled, according to figures from Ascend. Deutsche Lufthansa, Europe's second-biggest airline, is looking to reactive a single jumbo stored in Germany after returning about a dozen short-haul planes and smaller wide-bodies to service, spokesman Peter Schneckenleitner said. The carrier has yet to decide where to deploy the jetliner.

June 26, 2010 - Airline of the Year Awards
The airline business in some ways has become a bigger challenge than ever.  The space between profit and loss is so close that a few bad months can have unrecoverable consequences. The brave people in today's airline industry press onward to work with today's realities, security issues, crowded skies, deregulation and labour contracts. Despite these challenges, they still find the time to not only do a good job, but to excel.
The top 10 places in the 2010 Airline of the Year :

1. Asiana Airlines
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Qatar Airways
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Air New Zealand
6. Etihad Airways
7. Qantas Airways
8. Emirates
9. Thai Airways
10. Malaysia Airlines

... and there is more.  I would like to think that we contributed in some ways to this distinction.  It is well deserved. 
Air Canada has been ranked 'Best Airline North America' in a worldwide survey of more than 17 million air as announced in Hamburg, Germany at the Skytrax World Airline Awards. The survey was conducted by Skytrax between July 2009 and April 2010 using over 38 different aspects of passenger satisfaction to rank airline product and service standards. This annual survey is regarded in the air transportation industry as a primary benchmarking tool for passenger satisfaction levels of airlines throughout the world.


May 6, 2010
An interesting article about mergers including the PW ones from David Tait, travel writer.  David once worked at US Virgin Airways,
Wardair, Laker, Air Florida (pre-Virgin) and Air Canada.    Click Here  (thanks to Grant O)

March 29, 2010
DD submitted new Boeing AC pictures.  The B727 is taken at the Muni. I think if one of these landed in downtown Edmonton today, there might be quite a reaction from the local citizenry. Also DD sent a fleet of new B727 pictures now loaded into the aircraft gallery. Thanks

March 14, 2010
The website moved over this weekend to a new and more suitable hosting service. Links and pages are still being updated.   The aircraft photo gallery is rebuilt and is in new sections.  We really lack B767 photos. If you see any dead links, or have new contributions, please email the webmaster.

March 5, 2010
I would like to submit for all to enjoy a photo taken at sunrise on YVR ramp in the spring of 1978 just before the Convairs were retired. The photo was taken by Sejer Hansen who returned to his native Denmark years ago but took many photos around the airport, mostly of PWA aircraft so credit goes to him.I was with the company 1975 -2001 YVR ramp ,lost and found and reservations as well. I hope you like it, regards, Alan Giolma.

Jan 15, 2010
Haiti needs our help.  Please donate to the Canadian Red Cross  or a charity of your choice to support the victims of the earth quake disaster.  The 
Red Cross is an excellent charity with one of the highest percentage of donations going directly to where help is needed

Jan 12, 2010 - Online Aircraft Museum
A link sent by B Gibson   
For you aircraft buffs, this is a keeper.  Want to check out almost any airplane ever built in the World? Old, new, military, civilian? You will be amazed at what has been done in airplane design. The amount of info available is unbelievable.  

Where do you want to go:

Route Map Late '70s

Oct 1, 2009
From Chris E:  -  Hey guys just wanted say the new website looks great! Seeing some the old photos of the 737's sure does take me back to a world that at the time was a nicer place to live in. Now all we need are some more 767 pics.  Again fantastic job and kudos to all ex PWA employees that not only put their hard work into their jobs but their passion too. Pacific Western Airlines will always hold a special place in my heart and its folks like you guys that help keep it there. Thank you. Again from a loyal customer and fan. Chris sends this picture from one of the annual reports.


An update from E Gray on A/C 732. 
Don't know if this is of any value or not? I was reading through traces and found the article on A/C 732. I had the privilege of doing the last flight on 732 which was from YVR to Everett Washington ( Boeing Field ) to deliver it to it's new owners which I believe was an Irish company that was to lease or sell it to Nigeria Airways. Total hours after delivered was 27615.4 and 40266 landings Capt. Ed Gray F/O Keith Martinson and Harry Powell a PWA rep? PS the nose ski was removed and in the cargo bay.

July 8, 2009
A photo from D. Dertien of a DC-7 in Europe.  If anyone has the story on the role of the DC-7 in overseas operations, it would be interesting to add to this section.

March 21, 2009 - AC739
From Ian Broni   PC Pilots Ireland  www.pcpilotsireland.com
I just thought you might like to know that former Canadian 737-275 C-GAPW has found a new home in life - after having been scrapped it's nose section was sold off and ended up back in Canada before finally finding a new home in Shannon, Ireland, with Atlantic AirVenture as a Boeing 737NG simulator. Have a look athttp://www.atlanticairventure.com  and look under Simulators. I have attached two photo's taken within the last week after I went have flight in her new role - the first is myself (on the left) along with Terry McGee and we both run a flight simulation group based in Ireland with members worldwide - including Canada.

March 9, 2009
It has been 30 years since the PWA - TZ Merger (Jan - Feb 1979)
......  The Great West Connection..
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......  Up to 35% off Clan Gatherings on the Great West Connection (Economizer Fare).
......  The Great West Connection.
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                                                                                  Thanks for the tip N. Burton

Feb 9, 2009      
I was surprised and delighted to come across the Pacific Western Web site.  I flew as a Steward and Purser on PWA for a number of years (1970 to 1975).  I recall bouncing around on the Convair, the Electra, B737, B727 and the B707.  I have many wonderful memories (and stories) of those days.  I was so lucky to have flown with this airline and to have gotten to know so many wonderful folks who worked there.  I would gladly go back to those wonderful days.  Your site has brought back these memories for me.

Thank you and those who support this wonderful PWA site - keep up the good work.  
Richard A Price
Remarketing Director
Channel Development                          

Sep 16, 2008
Check out the the only flying Transair Aircraft.  

Here's a shot of Karen Gillespie and her DeHavilland Tiger Moth that was rebuilt by Transair in 1979 and spent the last 29 years in the Western Canada Aviation Museum. Karen acquired the airplane and is actively flying it from her own grass airstrip south of Saskatoon.  Karen worked for Transair/ Pacific Western/Canadian /Canadian Regional from  1978 to 1999 in Winnipeg and Saskatoon. The last pilot flying a Transair aircraft! FLY ON!

May 2008
Our pages were referenced in the Air Canada Netletter  twice and thank you for that.  We have updates on marine life on the reef, 
See the people section and get your name in now.  As of May 14, 2008, you will find 311 former employees with 9053 years of service.   See the section called 
Traces.    Topics for this section include people, events, and projects that took place during the life of Pacific Western Airlines that have left Traces in history.  We have topics on on America West Airlines, Quicket and A/C 732.  We need your contributions, please send them to the webmaster.  Peter Lema has provided us with Intro To Flight with a follow-up from Mel Crothers.  

Jan 1,  2008
Stu Russell sent some interesting information on the Lockheed L-188 Electra. PWA operated 4 of these in the 1970's.  These aircraft really proved their worth in Arctic Operations.  A variant of the Electra is flown by several Armed Forces as an offshore patrol aircraft.  Nordair used the Electra for ice patrol.  Here is a Wikipedia link that tells the whole story.      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_L-188_Electra  
These aircraft were registered to PWA
MSN 1127 - N7141C / NATIONAL AIRLINES / PWA CF-ZSR --- TAIL 181 - opt as a COMBI
MSN 1128 - N7142C / NATIONAL AIRLINES / PWA CF-ZST ---- TAIL 182 - opt as a COMBI
MSN 1035 - N5001K / WESTERN AIRLINES / PWA CF-PWG - TAIL 183 - opt as FULL PAX
MSN 1064 - N5003K / WESTERN AIRLINES / PWA CF-PWQ - TAIL 184 - opt as a TANKER (Check out this picture)
A/C 183 was very a comfortable passenger aircraft with a large U shaped lounge in the AFT. The nickname for the tanker A/C 184 was the Silver Bullet .

History of the Airline

Pacific Western Airlines was a pioneer in the aviation history and known for its ability to profitably operate short haul air routes.  The company had a proud culture of highly motivated young employees who saw great things in their futures.  The company raised profits and reserves and eventually formed Canadian Airlines in 1987.  It came to pass that Air Canada took over the entities that Pacific Western Airlines had created. 
Pacific Western Airlines was founded by Russ Baker, in Fort St. James, B.C., in 1946.

With a leased Beech bi-plane, Mr. Baker provided air service to remote mining camps and logging operations in the North, delivering men and materials to isolated destinations.

The Company was known as Central British Columbia Airways Ltd. and, from the beginning, had a reputation for on-time service, knowledge and ingenuity.

It was in 1949 that Central B.C. Airways was commissioned to do aerial surveys for the giant aluminum and power complexes at Kitimat and Kemano in the rugged mountainous backcountry of British Columbia. During the development of this project, Central B.C. Airways handled 95% of the air support, consisting mainly of heavy industrial freight and workers.

Between 1949 and 1952, the Company acquired seven other smaller flying services. With each acquisition, the Company expanded its base of operations, providing the much needed manpower and equipment necessary to maintain a rapidly expanding air service. These companies included Associated Air Taxi, Kamloops Air Service, Skeena Air Transport, Whitehorse Flying Services and Port Alberni Airways.

In 1953, the Company adopted the name Pacific Western Airlines, the beginning of another important era. Additional companies were acquired, such as Queen Charlotte Airlines in 1955, giving the Company a foothold in scheduled services, and Associated Airways in 1955, leading to a vital contract in the construction of the Distant Early Warning line in Canada’s north.

In 1958, Russ Baker died but the airline he founded with his Beech bi-plane in 1946 was thriving.

A year later, in 1959, Pacific Western was part of the largest single transfer of scheduled services in Canadian aviation history. In that year, Canadian Pacific Airlines released licensed routes from Edmonton to 18 points in Northern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. With this transfer, in addition to its existing routes, Pacific Western was licensed to provide scheduled air services over approximately 7,000 miles throughout Western and Northern Canada.

At this point in time, the Company acquired a reputation for innovation and aggressiveness by developing several unique services for freight customers and passengers alike.

The Calgary-Edmonton Airbus was inaugurated in 1963, with passengers carrying their luggage to the aircraft and depositing it on the ramp for loading. A ticket agent on board a 66-seat DC-4 would then collect the fare during the 55-minute flight.

When the Airbus first started, it was estimated that it would take ten years to move one million passengers. That goal was reached in less than eight years.

1964 marked the introduction of another unique service known as Inclusive Tour Charter programmes. This was another first for Canada, with excursion flights from Vancouver to Grand Cayman Islands. Later in the same year, Pacific Western pioneered group charters across the Atlantic, mainly to the United Kingdom.

In 1966, in anticipation of a regional air policy for Canada, Pacific Western began placing orders for jet and jet-prop equipment. The regional policy became a reality in 1968, and the Company was able to add many more ports of call to the already long list of destinations in Western Canada. Services at this point stretched from the Pacific Northwest to the Arctic Archipelago.

Boeing 707 equipment was added to the fleet in 1967, and Inclusive Tour programmes were introduced to Mexico and Hawaii in the winter, with several European destinations for the summer. The addition of a cargo model Boeing 707 meant that livestock and perishables could now be carried all over the world, and the name Pacific Western became synonymous with “World Air Cargo”. The Company aircraft visited more than 90 countries during this period of time.

Pacific Western operated a world wide Boeing 707 cargo and passenger charter program until the last aircraft was sold in 1979.

In 1967, Pacific Western became the first commercial operator of the Lockheed Hercules freighter. The Hercules were initially acquired to support Canada’s extensive search for energy and minerals in Northern Canada. Then, following the Spring ice break-up, the Hercules would rejoin the main cargo fleet in world-wide operations. Diverse cargoes included everything from 21,000 kilos of dimes to 20,000 kilos of Christmas cake, and a shipment of electronic equipment to the People’s Republic of China, the first commercial air shipment to that country.

In November 1968, the Company introduced “jet service” on its scheduled route system with the delivery of its first Boeing 737. Pacific Western was the first Canadian carrier to order the 737 aircraft. The “Stampeder Service” linking Alberta and B.C. began on December 17, 1968.

Another transfer of licensing authority from CP Airlines to Pacific Western provided the Company with routes throughout the Interior of B.C. in 1969, and the acquisition and control of B.C. Airlines in 1970 enabled the Company to supply expanded air service to routes in the B.C. Interior and on the coast.

With equipment such as the DC-4, DC-6, Convair 640, Lockheed Electra, Boeing 727 and Boeing 737, Pacific Western provided scheduled air service throughout B.C., Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

As the 1970’s progressed, the airline’s equipment varied and the Company began a fleet rationalization programme, concentrating on the 117-seat Boeing 737 as the backbone of the mainline fleet. By the late 1970’s, the Company operated an all-jet mainline fleet.

In 1974, the Alberta Government assumed ownership of Pacific Western Airlines to assure the development of the North and Western Canada, returning the airline to the private sector in 1983.

In 1978, the Company acquired the regional carrier Transair Ltd. of Winnipeg. In February 1979, in an agreement with the Canadian Transport Commission, Transair ceased all scheduled operations east of Winnipeg and Calgary/Edmonton via Regina and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This linked the Pacific Western/Transair systems, completing the first step to eventual merger. On December 1, 1979, all operating licenses and routes were transferred to Pacific Western Airlines and Transair ceased as a regional carrier.

Like Pacific Western, Transair was comprised of several companies. Their history dated back to 1947 with the founding of Central Northern Airways. In 1956, a merger between Central Northern Airways and Arctic Wings created the name Transair. The most significant of various amalgamations during the years took place in 1969 when Transair and Midwest Airlines combined their operations to form a diversified regional carrier serving prairie Canada to Toronto and the Arctic.

By 1986 Pacific Western was the largest airline in Western Canada, carrying over 3 million passengers per year. In ’86, joint marketing agreements were signed with local service carriers – Calm Air of Thompson, Manitoba and Time Air of Lethbridge, Alberta, under the Pacific Western Spirit Program. Pacific Western employed nearly 3,000 people throughout Western Canada and Ontario.

Organizational changes in 1986 established a formal structural relationship between the holding Company, Pacific Western Airlines Corporation, and the airline operating company, Pacific Western Airlines Ltd.

On December 2, 1986, PWA Corporation announced its intention to purchase Canadian Pacific Air Lines for $300 million, effective February 1, 1987